IGBT Transistors

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  • 35 000 ₫ In Stock
    Family: NPT IBGT
    Vds: 1200
    Vgs: 30
    Package (Kiểu): TO-3P
    Tên gọi khác: SGB15N120 , SGP15N120, SGW15N120, SKW15N120, IXSH15N120A, JT015N120ANAD, FGA15N120AND, FGA15N120ANTD_F109, IXSH15N120AU1, IXGA15N120B

    Using Fairchild's proprietary trench design and advanced NPT technology, the 1200V NPT IGBT offers superior conduction and switching performances, high avalanche ruggedness and easy parallel operation. This device is well suited for the resonant or soft switching application such as induction heating, microwave oven, etc.

    35 000 ₫
    In Stock
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