Đồng hồ kẹp DT3266F

Mới 100%

Portable and full protection design, 
Data hold to read after testing
Non contact measurement, easy and safe to use

More details

195 000 ₫ tax incl.

Đồng hồ kẹp DT3266F DATASHEET

Technology features

DCV: 600V                                 ±1.0%
ACV: 600V                                  ±1.2% 
ACA: 20-200-600A                    ±2.5%
Resistance: 200K-2MΩ           ±1.0%


LCD y size: 36x19mm
Max display: 1999
Low battery indication: yes 
Overload protection: yes
Diode test: yes 
Continuity buzzer test: yes
Live wire detection: yes
Data Hold: yes
Jaw caliber: ∮30mm
Power supply: two 1.5V AAA battery
Product size: 175x53x25mm 
Product weight: about 122g (without battery)
Standard accessories: meter (without battery), battery, test lead, manual

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