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Module USB 2.4G nRF24L01

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Truyền nhận dữ liệu bằng PC và thiết bị khác qua WIFI

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Module USB 2.4G nRF24L01 DATASHEET

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Simple Description :

Before we use wireless communication module can only be used for communication between the microcontroller and microprocessor , now this product uses 2.4G USB interface

Kernel that allows any PC directly and cheap communication a compatible wireless module , such as a computer terminal can easily go through the

USB to wireless and 2.7 million factory direct communication module ! In other words , a computer with wireless and microcontroller for direct data exchange.

And the computer terminal to access the host computer program modules only call WINDOWS mature UART serial port API functions can be accessed factory

Compatible module ! With C # and VB and VC can quickly call WIN98 WIN2000 WINXP WIN7 WIN8 serial control

Quick to get the host computer. Let the computer directly to a wireless control microcontroller, the microcontroller via wireless or direct transmission of data to the computer.

This module Caution:

A USB wireless device, PC is recognized as the serial device ( please install our Serial Driver )

2 sending end can easily set the baud rate , in order to prevent the receiver -side processing , however , the sender sends a packet preferably every 5 ms delay

3 requires only one AT commands, such as AT + SET = 40270102030405

Instructions explain: 40 representatives 0X40 refers to the physical frequency number , based on the increase in 2400MHZ can set a total of 126 0X40MHZ

27 representatives SETUP register used to set the baud rate transmit power and receive

0102030405 physical address on behalf of five software

4 The USB wireless module when no data is sent automatically enters the receiving state

5 modules work in a dynamic packet format

God horse called dynamic packet format ? Common compatible NRF24L01 + modules are supported . Simply put, based package for each transceiver unit , the usual use, we receive end first negotiated , such as sending and receiving are set to 3 or 5 bytes of a packet , and so on , up to 32 data package ! However, this is often the case, if I have a 32 -byte packet ( negotiated ! ) . Now I want to send 37 bytes, then I will send a 32 -byte whole package , and the second byte valid only five , but each time the receiving end receives 32 prevail , then the receiving end of a very confused , which received 32 data , which is useful for a few ? ?

If set to Dynamic mode , the sender would like to send a few bytes of a packet will send a few bytes , and the receiving end without consultation ! So how do you know you are in the end the receiving end of a few bytes sent over ? ? If the receiving end is set to dynamic reception mode , this time inside the receiving end of 2.4G modules have received a number of specialized statistical data !

6 receiving end NRF24L01 + program collated. . . .

The key is low price : Just finished the entire sub- shell10RMB! !

Quantities at lower prices , can do7-8RMB

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