TDA7294 subwoofer amplifier circuit
The TDA7294 power amplifier is intended for the use of subwoofer speakers because the amplifier with the TDA7294 chip is equipped with a subwoofer preamp, there are also frequency and phase settings so we can add or reduce the output frequency as we wish, and for the phase, we can set from 0-180 level.
For frequencies, we can set low tone cuts starting from 100Hz-500Hz on the middle potentiometer. The Preamp Subwoofer IC uses two TL074 and one single opamp NE5532 or 4558
This subwoofer power amplifier can you download the Gerber file, with a double layer 10x10cm PCB size, the file is at the end of the post. and for the next, you can order on the site of the PCB manufacturer provider like JLCPCB.
TDA7294 subwoofer amplifier PCB layout
For the power supply, you can use from 12V to 40V symmetrical DC with a current of at least 5A, to get maximum results. This subwoofer amplifier TDA7294 has two outputs so the total power output can be 60W RMS.

Gerber File TDA7294 stereo subwoofer
BoM TDA7294 Subwoofer amplifier

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