SMPS HB PFC IR2110 2000Watt
Hello, this time I will build Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS) with Half Bridge (HB) topology, with Power Factor Correction (PFC Boost Converter) controller with chip NCP1653 SMD SO-8. PWM Control Circuit using SG3525 and MOSFET driver using IC IR2110. ThisNguồn xung SMPS can produce output power up to 2200 Watt (peak) Load test at 8 Ohm. OutputNguồn xung SMPS 90VDC Symmetrical.
Below the schematicNguồn xung SMPS HB PFC IR2110 2kVA 
SchematicNguồn xung SMPS HB PFC 2kVA  IR2110 SG3525
Download Schematic and Partlist at the end of this Post.

PWM Supply using 16V supply from transformer PWM Sanken B2 Input 500V output 12-19V and PWM controller using UC3845 MOSFET can be using IRFPG40 N-Channel Power Mosfet.

Trafo PWMNguồn xung SMPS Sanken B2 Input 500V output 12V - 19V
EMI Filter for thisNguồn xung SMPS can be using 3.5mH 
EMI FilterNguồn xung SMPS

NTC also can be using Resistor 5W  47-100Ohm

NTCNguồn xung SMPS
Core PFC using this ferrite core full turn 1x with copper wire 1.5mm, 
Core Diameter Outer = 47mm, Inner=24mm, Thickness=18mm
Ferrite Core PFC

Trimpot adjustment:
1. For PWM frequency adjustment 30-130kHz
2. Duty cycle adjustment 30-40% Low Side gate adjustment
3. Overcurrent adjustment sensitivity
4. Aux DC out adjustment

Adjust FrequencyNguồn xung SMPS
PWM Gate signal at 82kHz and Duty Cycle 38.1%
PWM SignalNguồn xung SMPS
Transformer Ferrite EE55/28/21
TrafoNguồn xung SMPS EE55
Np Working Frequency
30-40kHz = 18 turns
40-50kHz = 16 turns
50-60kHz = 15 turns
60-80kHz = 14 turns
80-100kHz = 12 turns
100-130kHz =  10 turns
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Np 14 turns = Ns 6 + 6 output 90V copper wire 1:1.

If you want to make thisNguồn xung SMPS I will share the Gerber file free version, LayoutNguồn xung SMPS like this. OCP using a transistor.
PCB LayoutNguồn xung SMPS 2000Watt power supply switching
Video AssemblingNguồn xung SMPS HB PFC IR2110

SchematicNguồn xung SMPS HB PFC IR2110 PDF
BoM ( Part List)Nguồn xung SMPS HB PFC IR2110
Gerber FileNguồn xung SMPS HB PFC IR2110

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